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Work stuff...hmmm

So, another work-related update.

You know what I really, really wish? I wish that my bosses (particularly Upstairs Boss) would bother to keep me in the loop on things. Especially things that may directly affect me.

Such as the 3-carts-worth of files that I sent upstairs for tax prep back in December. I thought they were still up there. Nope. They were brought down and stashed in someone else's office. Nobody told me.

I asked for a bigger filing cabinent to keep all that stuff in. Back in January. Have I heard back? No, of course not. Which is why Upstairs Boss lectured me (lightly) today on keeping stacks of paperwork underneath my desk (goodness, where else am I supposed to keep it if you won't give me drawers!? I *ask* you!).

Then one of my coworkers let slip that they're probably going to move me into another office "in a week or so". Wow, way to keep me informed, all you high-and-mighties! I admit that my first thought was to simply dig in my heels and say, "I'm not moving; I like this office. Bug off." But given where they're supposedly moving me, that's not going to be just about a new location: they're actually seriously considering giving me the position for which I am barely trained, the one I'm nervous about because the previous gal hated doing it, but which would be more pay and less boredom.

*sigh* Lord?
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