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Well, this post will also contain a reccommendation and a link for you all. Television Without Pity is not necessarily quality all around, but Jacob, the recapper for the new Dr. Who, has a bent towards philosophy and literary/linguistic analysis that make his reviews an absolute joy to read.

Okay, now:

aka I guess there's still some potential between Sara and Grissom?

This was certainly a clever episode, though like jedibuttercup, I definitely thought of The Game the second the "fantasies" company came into play. And I loved that pretty much the whole team was in on this one.

Of greater interest even than the plot, we have what seems like mutual (as opposed to their normal one side, then the other) flirting going on between Sara and Gil. Hmmm. I used to ship them, as much as I ship anybody, but I went with the charater development and thought this had been dropped. *scratches head* I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?
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