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May 6th, 2006

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09:47 am - Really cool, wacky dreams
First, I may be back later to squee about last night's Numb3rs; I think it's the best of the season so far, barring "Protest." Actually, I may have to declare those two a tie. :-)

Well, first of all, I half-woke up quite early (I'm guessing it was around 5am), hearing this noise like voices or music, right at the edge of my range of hearing. I couldn't make out words, melody, any sort of pattern--it almost sounded kind of high-pitched, childish, like a child crying. I don't freak out easily at night, but this is quite definitely the most creepy thing I've ever heard. Finally I woke up enough to decide that the people in the apartement right outside my window must have left their TV on.

It was still creepy.

Then I had a dream which was much more complex than I'll be able to recall, but which was the total opposite of "creepy." In fact, it was a somewhat fannish dream, and crossed over, to boot.

It started with some kind of mission I was on, helping Remus Lupin keep these kids safe, get them to a safehouse somewhere (I am blaming fernwithy's fic Shades for that bit). Then, for some reason, Grissom was at the safehouse, and part of the planning on how to keep the kids hidden, etc.

I'm not sure of the transition (you know how dreams are), but then it was much lighter in mood, and I was hanging out with people I knew (in the dream, you understand; no RL people here), and having a good time. Larry Fleinhardt, in particular, was being very friendly and I was enjoying his company immensely.

Then he put a beautiful box in front of me and asked me to read the attached card. I really should have known something was up; he was being very twitchy-nervous. But all unsuspecting, I read the card, and it was a very sweet letter addressed to me, about how special I was and how he appreciated me, and I was quite overwhelmed. I opened the box, and it was full of carefully chosen things. I'm not someone to whom gifts mean very much--except when they've clearly be picked out just for me, with my precise likes and wants taken into careful consideration. Everything in this box (though I don't recall most of the contents) was like that.

I was quite floored, and jumped up to give him a hug (with some idea of following it up with a kiss). It startled him, and I had to pull back and explain that I was very grateful and moved and could I please hug him. He got that little smile, the truely pleased one, on his face, and reciprocated the hug very nicely.

Dang, I almost never get such romantic dreams. Intersting that all 3 of those guys have been my "fictional boyfriend"-types, but only one of them figured as a romantic person at all. Remus was someone I respected and helped out, Grissom was a co-worker (ha!), and Larry... Well. :-D

Who am I to question such a dream?
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Date:May 6th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
"First, I may be back later to squee about last night's Numb3rs; I think it's the best of the season so far, barring "Protest." Actually, I may have to declare those two a tie."

Squee all you want, m'dear. I've decided I rank this ep equal to "Protest" in a different genre. While "Protest" was more of a mystery/drama, "Backscatter" is straight-up action/adventure/thriller.

How much do I love this show? So very, very much.

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Date:May 7th, 2006 11:22 pm (UTC)
"You had a dream
You had an awesome dream" :-D


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