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Question for manga fans

Sheesh. Okay. I've been trying to avoid manga, mostly because that style of art really throws the visual side of my brain for a loop, and because I hear it's like crack (addictive and really expensive), and because the few I've looked at have not had the type of stories that tend to grab me.

However, my 11-year-old sister has just gotten into manga. Drawing it herself, to be precise.

So I guess I'd better learn something about it.

"I was wondering if you could try to find some books on
creating SHOUJO comic books. That is the particular style of manga I'm drawing. It has several types called SUBGENERES or something like that. My subgeneres will probably be the magical girl category,wich is where there are seversl girls that can transform into beautiful evil fighting gals,and each have a gift wich they use to battle with,such as fire or water. Oh,I Looove it! I might put a bishie in there too. bishie is japanese for
'beautiful young boy',and they're the image of every girls dream guy."

Anybody know of anything like that? Her birthday's coming up, so I might have to buy her one. :-)

Okay, watching my little sister jump into a side of fandom (well, sort of) that I have studiously avoided is a little startling. I'm steering her *away* from things like Sailor Moon, which did nothing but annoy me...maybe if I get her a copy of Howl's Moving Castle, she'd like that....
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