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Fandom things, as we are nearing the end of sweeps

Well. Huh. Okay.

Before I say anything about the CSI season finale, a brief note or two on There's a good deal to like about this show. A lot of realism, comedy and pain in equal measures. Likable and unlikable characters. But the show still doesn't grab me. I think it's for one reason: I get so tired in Real Life of the messes we humans make, the poison that fills most pain, guilt and anger being greater than our grief, that I don't really want to watch a hyper-version of that stuff on TV. Let's see the rest of life instead, let's watch families bicker but get over it, let's watch people show some self-control and discipline for once instead of jumping into their desires headfirst.

I cried when Denny died; for Izzie and for everyone else, and especially when Alex picked her up off the bed and held her, Alex the unsympathetic, the angry, the macho man. That was tragedy; pain with a clean edge. Hurts but heals. Meredith and Derek, on the other hand--that's pain with poison, and it will spread.

So then, last weeks' CSI had Brass getting shot in the line of fire.

Overall, I really liked this episode. It's something very realistic, but that we haven't seen before on CSI: one of the team is in the hospital, fighting for his life, and yet there are still crimes to be solved. Work goes on, with one or the other of the team at the hospital every time Grissom calls to check on his friend's condition.

It plays really well, and I found myself smiling and thiking that it must have been rather like this after the events of "Grave Danger" last year, when it was Nick in the hospital. We never got to see that, but this gives us an idea.

It was quietly Grissom-heavy, too. He has Brass's medical power of attorney, and is the one who has to give consent for a risky surgery. He's also the one who calls Brass's daughter, Ellie, and who tries to deal with her when she arrives, get her to care (or admit to caring) about more than just Brass's pension. William Petersen carries the invisible weight of worry, of mortality, of aloneness very convincingly.

It makes his monologue at the end, about how he would prefer to know he was dying and prepare for it, quite moving.

The moment was a little spoiled for me, though, by the face that Grissom was talking to Sara (that's fine; it even makes good character sense), in what appears to be Sara's bedroom, and when Sara steps back into the room to add her two cents, she's wearing only her bathrobe.

I 'ship these two, and I was still WTF???!!! There have been some teasing moments, some easier camraderie between them lately, even flirtateously so, but.... We're supposed to accept, I suppose, that they've been together for a while. That kind of relaxation isn't something we see from Grissom often, and they are too easy with each other for that to be anything new.

I feel cheated.

I suppose they could still pull it out of the fire (for me) by how they handle it next season, but I'm not holding my breath. Can a show jump the shark by one 60-second scene? The episode as a whole was really good!

Later today, the Numb3rs season finale! Squee will ensue.
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