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What's in a name...?

Specifically, my LJ handle/username? scionofgrace tagged me for this, and frankly I love explaining my name, so here we go:

izhilzha is a more phonetic (well, to me, anyway) spelling of the Minbari word isil'zha. I hope I spelled that correctly; any Babylon 5 fans are free to correct me. :-)

isil'zha, n.: 1) birth, beginnings, the dawn of a new age. 2) the name of the blue stone used in the Ranger insignia (which is, of course, very fitting).

I used it to create a log-on for a B5 site several years ago, and then decided that it was cool enough and unusual enough that I should adopt it as my handle across the entire Internet. And it was even so. :-)

I've been asked if it's Aztec, I've been asked what it means, and I've friended people based solely on the fact that they commented to a comment of mine somewhere and said how cool my Minbari handle was.

And I am tagging: whitemartyr, scorptilicus, jedibuttercup, and mistraltoes.
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