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Notes on the LOST finale

A couple of things before I dive in (not that I'll dive all that deep):

This post by rj_anderson is a brilliant little analysis of the House, M.D. season finale. Go forth and read it!

Also, I just received confirmation from Amazon.com that my Numb3rs 1st season DVDs have been shipped! Woo! :-D I am rather excited; there will be all kinds of extras, and I have yet to watch at least 3 of the episodes, including the pilot. So I have much to look forward to!

Okay, I really am not too coherent about this right now.

First, may I just say that if the entire second season had been willing to move plot and character like this, I would have enjoyed it much, much more than I did? True.

Very excellent cliffhanger, with Jack, Saywer, and Kate captive of the Others (and is it just me, or is "Henry Gale" totally their leader?); something catastrophic having happened at the hatch (say that five times fast), possibly including the deaths of Locke, Mr. Eco, and Desmond; and Michael and Walt speeding away in the boat.

Speaking of Michael, I adore the actor. I thought I would hate him for making this choice, to sacrifice his friends for his son; instead I think I understand him. It really wasn't a choice, for him; what might be his choice is whether he tells anyone on the outside.

Assuming he can even get to the outside world. Desmond didn't make it. :-)

I think I have fallen for Desmond. He'd better not be dead. He's too cool and angst-ridden and heroic and in love. And it would be awful for Penny to find them and for Des to be dead!

I am enthralled by the fact that Desmond's refusal to push the button totally crashed 815. (Of course, what were they doing off course in the first place, but....)

I want to know why Charlie is so giddy. Is it just that he survived? Or does he think he's died and gone to heaven? Or what?

I was getting very lukewarm about this show. Now I can't wait for next season. *facepalm*
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