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Riddle me this, you all.

I know this world is pretty messed up. I see evidence of it everyday--more than I care to see, if I flip through the channels on my TV during news hour. I've walked through enough of my own pain and more than enough of my friends' to know just how messed up it is.

But even given the state of the world, things shouldn't be the way they are. People who are blessed shouldn't have to feel guilty about being happy; people who are beaten down and hurting shouldn't have to feel guilty about their pain.

Is it just fear and envy that drives us to those reactions?

Or a feeling that somehow one state of being is closer to "normal" than the other?

If we're happy, does that just mean we're ignoring real life? If we're in pain, does that mean we did something wrong?

I've about had it with how afraid we all are of real joy. As far as I've seen, it's far more lasting than pain--once the pain is over, the joy is still there waiting for us. Maybe that's just my own experience, and maybe I'm a little crazy.

I'll just go on being crazy, if that's so. As Puddleglum would say, "Then we've made up a play world that beats your real world hollow."

Except I'm pretty sure it's no play world.
Tags: contemplative, godstuff, joy, real life

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