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Cheering myself up with vanity plates!

Seriously, nothing serious. I'm just hormonal and tired and I don't want tomorrow to be Monday because that means going to work. I am also having one of my occasional existential writer's crises, in which I bemoan the fact that I am not as talented a writer as whoever my current hero-worship is. Which, as I am rewatching Numb3rs season 1, would be Ken Sanzel, who wrote "Sniper Zero." He went on to write "Judgment Call," "Toxin," "Running Man," and "Rampage" in the second season, and I can't hack the math and plots like he can, and his dialogue includes Larry's line about children being wormholes, and I can't write like he can and OMG IF I CAN'T WRITE THAT WELL WHAT BUSINESS DO I HAVE WRITING AT ALL?!!!!?

Ahem. Yes, well, I had to vent. I feel a little bit better now. *sigh*

On to the cheering-up!

Spotted on a silver Jetta (of course):

*heart*MI JTA

With a similar theme:

L *heart*Z M

This guy is either mildly delusional or a sci-fi writer:


Anybody want to help me translate this one?:


It was on a sweet little metallic-gold Mini Cooper, which I lusted after the entire time I drove behind it on the freeway.

I have to wonder if this next one is supposed to be ironic. On a bright yellow modern VW Beetle:


Or does nobody know the connotation for "yellow" anymore?

This last one is specifically for you, whitemartyr:


That's all for now!
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