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Know what I hate?

Know what I really, really hate?

Co-workers who really don't seem to get it. I can write as clear an email as the next person (clearer than most, from my observations at my workplace, anyway), and the fact that some people just. don't. get. it.... That really weirds me out. I mean, are they just speaking some entirely other language from me? Where the TARDIS' telepathic translation program when you need it, huh? Or am I the stupid one?

Also? The level of misunderstanding possible between 5 people trying to switch over into an updated system of handling payment for advertising is--mind-boggling.

And as much as they'd like me to help out, really, what can I do when they won't/can't explain to me how everything works? Data, people; one can only troubleshoot with more data!
Tags: real life, stupidity, work

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