izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

A little more newbie-fan squee

Basically, this just means that I am, despite my weekend mourning of the Ninth Doctor, on a fannish high right now. I spent all of last evening reading Lungbarrow (thank you, vertigozooropa, for the e-book link) because I couldn't get enough. Well written, involving, fairly complex (not to mention claustrophobic) adventure story.

I've decided I'm probably going to like the Doctor in most of his incarnations--even if the Seventh kind of makes me nervous.

Also--and I'm sure you all will let me know if I'm an oddball here--is it weird for me to be mildly smitten with Chris Cwej? He's *adorable*.

Now I'm reading Paul Cornell's Human Nature (nobody tell my super; it's in another window on my compy here). :-)
Tags: cwej, doctor who, fannish, nine

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