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What should I watch next, Who fans?

Okay. I have now finished Paul Cornell's novel Human Nature (quite right, rj_anderson, it was brilliant...and I feel somehow as if a lot of its mood overlapped into your fic "Communion". I mean that in the most complimentary way possible, you know.), and Lance Parkin's The Dying Days.

I'm realizing that yes, I do like the Doctor no matter his incarnation; and also that it's been far too long since I had a fandom that was less about destiny and more about taking the adventure that comes to us.

And I have a huge, terribly meta post brewing in my mind. It's probably everything other Christian fans of Dr. Who have said better than I shall say it, and all of you will pat me on the head and say, yes, yes, dear, now go watch some more. *g*

In that spirit, I dug around and found some tapes that vertigozooropa made me when he was trying to get me into Who several years back.

Here's the list, by Doctor and by title:

Two: "Tomb of the Cybermen" (I actually watched this a while back, and recall liking this Doctor quite a lot; the cybermats didn't hurt either.)

Three: "Spearhead From Space"

Four: "Ark In Space"
I understand that these next 3 are part of a six-story arc.
"The Ribos Operation" "The Pirate Planet" "The Stones of Blood"

Five: "Caves of Androzani" (I had watched this one long ago, because it was Five, and just rewatched it on Sunday, and enjoyed it immensely. Five is quite lovable--I wanted to give him hugs.)

I have no episodes with Six.

Seven: "Remembrance of the Daleks"
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