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Light One Candle

Sarah Izhilzha's Fics and Friendship Livejournal

23 April 1980
Bios annoy me--writing my own, anyway. How on earth is one supposed to define oneself? I was born in California, grew up in Oregon, went to university in British Columbia, and am now back in California, hoping to break into television writing.

That's mostly because I adore writing. If I go more than a few days without writing something, I start getting depressed--hence the occasional mad fic-sprees (maybe 1/3 of which ever make it to a public forum) when I am supposed to be focusing on my original screenplays or television spec scripts.

I love sci-fi and fantasy, and true poetry in writing (see J.R.R. Tolkien), and plain good storytelling. I find people fascinating, stupidity annoying, and the grace and mercy of Christ Jesus the ultimate in being known and loved. My friendships mean a lot to me (points to main fandoms, most of which are buddy shows), but I'm finally brushing up against the possibility of romance as well, and finding it every bit as meaningful.

I really enjoy the community of fans and the diversity of thought that I've found on LiveJournal. Come comment, and we'll dialogue over whatever is of interest to you or me at this moment.