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SPN fanart rec!

I don't often lurk around places like deviantart, mostly because I get lost easily (ha), but once in a while through awesome people like dotfic, I find something that Must Be Shared.

Thing of Wings, by *euclase

She calls it a sketch, but it's awfully detailed and gorgeous for that. :)
(I suppose you could see a pairing here, if you're already wearing the goggles, but to me it's just a beautiful gen wartime image. With bonus artistic ambiguity re: the wings. *g*)

Now Playing at the Invisible Man Virtual Seasons!

Our season 4 finale (and first of a multiple-part story):

"Auld Lang Syne"

When Claire returns to England, she finds she's bitten off more than she can chew in her quest to resolve the problems Darien has been having with his health. Seeking out an old . . . acquaintance . . . in search of answers, she finds herself on the wrong side of British law with no backup. A furious Official sends Fawkes and Hobbes to bring her back, and in the process, Darien discovers that the cure for what ails him is exactly what he fears most.

(We haven't had a new episode for a while--RL issues for some of our writers--but this one's a doozey to come back with! Excitement, plotting, MI-5, the return of a certain character, and a trip to London and the English countryside. Not to be missed, you guys.)

In fact, I can pretty much wholeheartedly recommend the two complete seasons we have, with another on the way. Check out the Virtual Seasons here.
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Because I like my writing and like making lists:

I am being a self-absorbed lemming and pimping my own fic, according to this meme which I stole from yahtzee63:

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. this isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. then tag five other people to do the same.

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That was fun. :-)
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Supernatural fic rec, and GIP

This post is mostly just an excuse to use the pretty new icon of Sam & Dean that I found today. *admires* Created by the talented emesque.

To give this entry a little more weight, here's a lovely, nuanced Supernatural fic I just re-found. You all know me: I love stories, I love words and language, I love characters (I'm tempted to add "I love Dean"). This story has them all.

credo ut intelligam, by girl_wonder

Dean liked that when he said 'I fight' he didn't need to have a pronoun in Latin. He could use one word and that would mean that he was Dean and he was fighting. I fight. pugno.

Go forth and read, even if you're only vaguely familiar with the fandom, and it doesn't matter if you know anything about Latin (though my own Latin studies did endear this fic to me in a particular way).
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Supernatural fic author rec

I kind of wish I had a Supernatural (specifically, Dean- or John-related) icon for this post. Oh well.

I was hunting for more fic to go on my index of faith-related fan fiction. I knew I had run across a few good ones in this fandom, so I was looking through dotfic's recs to try and find them.

And in the process I discovered a really excellent author: dodger_winslow.

A small warning: in general, these stories revolve around the Winchester family, particularly John. There is plenty of angst and swearing, but it doesn't detract from the stories--on the contrary.

Bless Me, Father
This is going on my faith-in-fan-fic list. It's set just after "Everybody Love a Clown," with minor spoilers for that episode, and major ones for "Faith" and "Devil's Trap"/"In My Time of Dying." Beautiful, amazing, gut-wrenching look at Dean and family and God. With humor, too.

Freaks and Monsters
Pre-series story. Disturbing, mature themes (almost too much for me); but worth every bit of it for the discussion between John and Dean in part 2.

The Constancy of Pain
Massive angst warning. But I loved the insights this fic has: into John, into the nature of survival, the nature of pain and loss. Pastor Jim figures largely here, if that's a draw for any of you.

To Everything A Season, novel-length WIP (seriously: currently at 17/?)
This one is long, and hard to read unless you're really into this much character exploration and dialogue. Future-fic. Some great original characters, and once it's finished I may have to put in on my faith-fic index as well. There is some great stuff in it about the nature of faith and belief.
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Pimping the Finish-a-thon again....

Come on, people. I know some of you have already signed up for this amazing ficathon, but I also know there are more of you out there who would benefit from a deadline on one of the stories you haven't managed to finish yet. Got any plot bunnies you just love, but haven't made time for? Any ideas your friends have been bugging you to write?

The Finish-a-thon was created just for them.

Signups END this Friday, so you've got a little over two days. Come on, you know you want to.... (Felicia? Kim? Mistral?)
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The Finish-a-thon is Here Again!

It's time for the Finish-a-Thon again, when you can dig out all those lovely plot bunnies and unfinished fics you haven't had the time or incentive to work on, and write the one your peers want most to see.

Signups opened today! Go and put up your own list asap--I'll be doing mine this evening (I'm stuck at work right now without my list of fic I've been compiling).
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Random bragging :-P

Okay. My Firefly (well, post-Serenity) fic Flying Lessons has gotten quite a lot of reviews--and a record number of hits, for me--since I put it up on fanfiction.net. I put that down to the popularity of the fandom, and to the fact that I posted the fic two weeks after the movie opened.

Well, today I figured out the other reason.

Amusing myself for a few minutes, I googled my online handle izhilzha. Among various other things, an online newsletter called "Firefly Talk" came up. In Issue #4, the Fanfic Review section contains just one entry: Flying Lessons.

I got recc'd on a newsletter.

I am dazed by the fame. *g*

That's all; as you were.

3 fic reccs: Numb3rs

All right. I've been enjoying this show as it edges into its second season, and have therefore been trying to find good gen fics. The annoying thing about a fandom that centers around 2 brothers is the kind of stuff the slashers come up with. *puking face* Also (though I admit that Charlie is an incredibly easy mark for angst), a lot of the fic out there seems to be of the "I am a high school student working through my own depression" variety.

So when I found these few good, plotty, character-revealing stories, I thought I should share them.

For those who don't know, Numb3rs is a procedural drama about two brothers. Don Eppes is an FBI agent in Los Angeles; his younger brother Charlie Eppes is a brilliant professor of applied mathematics, whom Don brings in to consult on some of his cases. The plots tend to be well worked out, with Charlie's math supplying obscurely useful lines of inquiry, but the pleasure of this show is in the characters and their relationships. Don is a protective (and perhaps slightly resentful) oldest son; Charlie is brilliant in math but can't spell (or figure out how to ask out his research assistant Amita) to save his life; and their father Alan is a generous, warm man, who is just happy that both his sons still live in the same town, where he can have them over for dinner.

Links and mini-reviews will be found behind the cut-tags.

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That's all for now!

Fanfic appreciation week

Who knew? Glad my friendslist keeps me apprised of such things. :-)

Not that I'll be able to make rec's every day...well...maybe I could. Anyway.

One of the authors I respect the most right now (yes, it probably does have something to do with the fact that she writes in my current obsession, Stargate SG-1) is Doc, whose fic can be found at Heliopolis, or more easily, at Doc's Surgery. She won Best Overall Story in the Stargate Fanfic Awards for her splendidly plotted and beautifully nuanced novel For God And Country. I tend to avoid stories with torture in them, so I was surprised to reach the middle of this story (just past a rather horrific torture scene) and realize that I had no thought of stopping. I wondered why, then realized: I trust this author. And she didn't disappoint me one bit.

For those not ready to embark on a novel, try her short story Sting in the Tale. Everything she does best in a small package: character, humor, evocative writing, h/c.

A re-read fanfic author--one of my highest compliments.